Glarimy After Training Service

JQuery (Oracle)
JQuery code samples used at the JQuery training for Oracle. Requires a Java server for AJAX sample.
[Posted On: 2013-03-26]
HTML 5 (Robert Bosch)
The code used for HTML 5 training at Robert Bosch.
[Posted On: 2013-03-24]
XML (UTC Aero)
Set of DTD, XSD, XML and XSL files used during the XML training for UTC, Bangalore. These are fully functional files to illustrate the concepts of definitions and stylesheets.
[Posted On: 2013-03-15]
Java (McAfee)
The Atlas project used as part of Core Java training at McAfee, Bangalore.
[Posted On: 2013-03-13]
ADP (Dojo 1.7)
Code used during the Dojo 1.7 training at ADP, Hyderabad. The files needs to be updated to reflect the correct path to the Dojo code base
[Posted On: 2013-02-19]
Java Web Services (GXS)
The code base used during the Java Web Services training at GXS, Bangalore. The archive includes Eclipse projects that cover JAX-WS on Jetty & Tomcat alongwith REST services on Jersey. Libraries not included.
[Posted On: 2013-02-11]
JQuery (WellsFargo)
The code based used for the JQuery training for WellsFargo at Hyderabad. Archive includes all the resources to run the examples. The web app needs to be deployed in a web server for the AJAX calls to work.
[Posted On: 2013-02-11]
UML (Oracle)
Some of the UML diagrams developed during the OOAD & UML training delivered at Oracle, Bangalore. Needs Enterprise Architect to open these diagrams.
[Posted On: 2013-01-31]
Java (EMC)
The zip contains source code used during the Java training at EMC, Bangalore.
[Posted On: 2013-01-22]
JQuery & JavaScript (CapGemini)
Code used for Cap Geimini trainings on JavaScript and JQuery. Install the code into any HTTP server. No other libraries are required.
[Posted On: 2013-01-18]
Spring & Hibernate (MiSYS)
Set of Spring & Hibernate projects used for Spring 3 with Hibernate 3 trainings. No libraries are added in the archive.
[Posted On: 2012-12-19]
JWS Code Base
A set of Eclipse projects to demonstrate JAX-WS concepts. Need JDK 6 at least and no other libraries.
[Posted On: 2012-12-05]
Java Performance Tuning
Code for the day-2 of Java Performance Tuning session.
[Posted On: 2012-11-28]
Dojo 1.7 (HSBC)Samples of Dojo 1.7 used for HSBC-Pune training.
[Posted On: 2012-11-01]
Database Design
Set of SQL files to try various RDBMS design concepts and MS-SQL DDL & DML commands. Requires MS-SQL Express 2008 edition.
[Posted On: 2012-07-24]
ExtJS 4.1
Set of files with ExtJS 4.1 examples used for the trainings delivered in the month of July 2012. Needs to edit the .js files to refer to the ExtJS deployment.
[Posted On: 2012-07-11]
J2EE for CapGemini
Set of Eclipse Indigo projects for J2EE class delivered to CapGemini. Required JBoss 5 Application Server and optionally Tomcat 6 Webserver. With appropriate configuration chanages, any other App Server also can be used.
[Posted On: 2012-07-09]
JQuery (Aditi)
Source code written in Advanced JavaScript and JQuery for the programs delivered to Aditi. Deploying these files into any web server is enough to run them.
[Posted On: 2012-07-05]
The eclipse projects used for AJAX training at Ivy Comptech, Hyderabad between 18th and 20th June 2012. It includes Java Script, AJAX, JSON, SSP, JSONP, Struts-JSON and Backbone illustrations.
[Posted On: 2012-06-20]
Eclipse J2EE project to demonstrate JavaScript and JQuery 1.4. No other libraries required to run these project.
[Posted On: 2012-06-14]
Java RESTful ServicesEclipse projects to demonstrate the RESTFul Webservices using Java Servlets & Jersey. Libraries not included.
[Posted On: 2012-06-13]
Design Patterns Case Study (IvyComptech)Java based case study for Design Patterns training
[Posted On: 2012-05-17]
Dojo 1.7 (HSBC)The source code used for the Dojo 1.7 training for HSBC. Files needs to be edited for the pointing to the DOJO library in the header sections.
[Posted On: 2012-03-27]
Struts 2 (CapGemini)This is the code based used for Cap Gemini class on Struts 2. Import the projects into Eclipse, copy the struts libraries into the WEB-INF/lib folder of each of the project before build/deploy them to Tomcat 6.
[Posted On: 2012-03-22]
HibernateThis is the code based used for Cap Gemini class on Hibernate. Import the projects into Eclipse, import the required hibernate libraries into each of the project before build. Update the hibernate.cfg.xml file of each of the project to reflect your database settings.
[Posted On: 2012-03-22]
Spring 3 (Cap Gemini)This is the code based used for Cap Gemini class on Spring 3. Import the projects into Eclipse, import the required libraries into each of the project and then build/deploy. Some projects require databases and some require web servers. Configuration files must be edited to reflect your settings.
[Posted On: 2012-03-22]
Servlets & JSPThe code base used for the Cap Gemini virtual training on Servlets & JSP. Import the projects into Eclipse, build and deploy them onto Tomcat. JDK 6, Tomcat 6 are part of the platform.
[Posted On: 2012-03-20]
J2EE and EJB 3.0The code base used for EJB 3.0 virtual training class for Cap Gemini. The code illustrates session beans, entity beans and message driven beans. JBoss 5 and JDK 6 are part of the platform. Import the projects into Eclipse, build and deploy them into JBoss.
[Posted On: 2012-03-20]
AJAX CodebaseThis archive contains the code used for the Cap Gemini virtual class on AJAX. Import the projects in Eclipse and deploy the wars into Tomcat 6.
[Posted On: 2012-03-20]
SoapUISOAP-UI test cases written against a banking webservice bundled. Extract the archive and go through the readme.txt for instructions.
[Posted On: 2012-03-06]
Libraries for deploying JWS on Tomcat - 1First set of libraries required for deploying JAX-WS web services on Tomcat 6.
[Posted On: 2011-10-18]
Libraries for deploying JWS on Tomcat - 2Second and the last set of libraries required for deploying JAX-WS web services on Tomcat 6.
[Posted On: 2011-10-18]
Java Code for E&Y Training - 1This is the code used at E&Y as part of the training on Java 6. This zip contains a several eclipse projects. None of them required any external JARs.
[Posted On: 2011-08-05]
XSD and JAX-B SamplesFew XSD and JAX-B samples used for Arbitron training sessions. Needs Eclipse Helios for easy importing.
[Posted On: 2011-07-06]
Spring 3 SamplesSet of projects that demonstrate Spring 3 and Spring 2.5 concepts. These are the some of the projects used for Spring training at Cap Gemini. Requires spring 3 libraries.
[Posted On: 2011-06-24]
Unit Testing Java/JEE appsThree ecllipse projects that illustrates unit testing standalone, web and ejb applications at Robert-Bosch training. JUnit, HTTPUnit, EJB3Unit and JMock libraries required for compiling and running these apps & tests.
[Posted On: 2011-06-10]
Java Web ServicesA set of Eclipse projects dealing with Java Web Service topics ranging from XML, DTD, XSD, JAX-B, WSDL, Proxy Pattern, JWS to Security and etc., that are used for training at Alcatel-Lucent.
[Posted On: 2011-01-04]
Java Basics with Arrays, Command Line Parameters, Scanner and PolymorphismThese set of classes demonstrate basic concepts of Java in terms of manipulating arrays manipulation, processing command line parameters, using Scanner and developing applications using interface approach.
[Posted On: 2010-12-16]
Basic Struts 2 SamplesFour Struts 2 projects are included here. The first one demonstrates very simple Hello World app. Second one introduces Struts 2 tags. Third one introduces custom action methods and mappings. The fourth one introduces OGNL expressions. Note that the Struts 2 libraries need to be added to the WEB-INF/lib folder of these projects.
[Posted On: 2010-12-14]
Session Management in Struts 2This project demonstrates managing sessions in a Struts 2 application. The Struts 2 libraries needs to be added to the WEB-INF/lib folder of this eclipse project.
[Posted On: 2010-12-14]
Advanced Struts 2 with Spring, Interceptors & ConversionsThis project is a little advanced Struts 2 eclipse project that integrates with Spring and uses custom interceptors and type conversions. Libraries are to be added to the WEB-INF/lib folder.
[Posted On: 2010-12-14]
Struts 2 Tags and Advanced ViewsThis eclipse project is a Struts 2 project that uses advanced concepts of View technology. It demonstrates various tags (UI, data, control), tiles integration, custom tags and tile integration. Libraries are to be added to the WEB-INF/lib folder of this application.
[Posted On: 2010-12-14]
UML Diagrams for Leave Processing SystemThis is a StarUML project that have sample UML diagrams for a hypothetical Leave Processing System. It contains use cases, class , sequence, collaboration, activity, state chart and deployment diagrams.
[Posted On: 2010-12-13]
XML and Java Web Services SamplesJWS (Java Web Services) are firmly built based on XML technology. This zip contains sample Eclipse projects to demonstrate XML, DTD, XSD and JWS (RPC & Document style)
[Posted On: 2010-10-20]
XML, DTD, XSD and NamespacesThis project contain several examples on how to write well-formed XML documents, how to define tags using DTD and XML Schema and how to use name spaces in the XML Schema. This code is part of Krishna's forthcoming book.
[Posted On: 2010-10-20]
Ajax & JSONThis is J2EE war file that can be deployed on any J2EE complaint web server like Tomcat. It illustrates Ajax and JSON concepts.
[Posted On: 2010-10-11]
Dojo SamplesA ZIP file containing several sample codes that demonstrate Dojo concepts including communications, data representation, DnD, dijits and etc.,
[Posted On: 2010-10-11]
GWT Stock WatcherThe file that is built as part of GWT sample. Its the same code that is part of GWT Tutorial available online at GWT site.
[Posted On: 2010-10-11]
Sample Struts 2 ApplicationStruts 2 is rich in features and at the same time very flexible. This sample application demonstrates various ways of writing actions, validators, type convertors, interceptors and integrating it with Spring.
[Posted On: 2010-10-07]
A sample HTML with CSS and Java ScriptThis is a very simple HTML file that uses CSS style sheets and Java Script. Unzip to any folder and open the index.html file in the browser. One good way to learn is to experimenting with the code.
[Posted On: 2010-07-15]
Library webapp based on Servlet 2.5An eclipse project to demonstrate Servlet concepts like servlet redirection, request processing, response building, context handling and etc.,
[Posted On: 2010-07-15]
Library webapp based on JSP technologyA simple Library application based JSP technology. Concepts used include tiles,action tags, scopes, implicit objects, page forwarding and etc.,
[Posted On: 2010-07-15]
A 3-Tier JSP/JDBC LIbrary WebappAn eclipse project with 3-tier JEE architecture without EJBs. Concepts used are JSP, session management, database connectivity and etc.,
[Posted On: 2010-07-15]
Sample Servlet ProjectThis is JEE project on Eclipse 3.4 and JDK 1.6.04 against Tomcat 6.0.2. It illustrates a servlet, its configuration in the web.xml file and invocation from a html file.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Sample JSP ProjectThis is a JSP project on Eclipse 3.4, JDK 1.6.04 and Tomcat 6.0.2 to illustrate a simple JSP application that does form processing by using Action Tags and other JSP tags.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Sample 3-Tier Web ApplicationThis eclipse project demonstrates a 3-tier web application. The concepts illustrated are JSP, tiles, exception handling, sessions handling, DAO, tier-demarcation and etc.,
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Deploying and invoking objects through RMIThis eclipse project includes a remote object, its deployer and a client application to invoke the deployed object.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Stateless Session Bean and the clientThis eclipse project illustrates a simple Stateless Session EJB 3.0 bean and its client on JBOSS 4.2.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Binding and lookup with JNDIThis sample Eclipse project to demonstrate the usage of JNDI. It binds an object in one class and looks-up for the same from other class.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Type definitions in DTD and XSDThese are set of three files to illustrate an XML file and its associated DTD and XSD definitions.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Client-Server application with a ProtocolThis eclipse project demonstrates a client/server application that uses the concepts of sockets, multi-threading, IO streams and interface based programming. This is developed using the Proxy GoF pattern.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Spring Core IllustrationsThese four Ant based Spring projects illustrate the core concepts of DI/IOC, bean wiring and auto-wiring. Have a look at the readme.txt file in each of the project for environmental variables required for running this application.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
AOP in SpringThese four Ant based Spring projects illustrate the AOP concepts. It covers hand weaving to annotation based weaving. Have a look at the readme.txt file in each of the project for environmental variables required for running this application.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Working with Databases in SpringThese ant projects illustrate how to work with Databases through JDBC or Hibernate from within Spring applications.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]
Using HibernateThese Eclipse projects illustrate using Hibernate as the ORM solution.
[Posted On: 2010-06-21]